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Too much content online is absolute trash.
Hollow short posts with click-bait titles written by people who have very little to say about the topic they want to talk about.

However, the Internet is also full of gems.
Amazing articles written by genuinely passionate and talented people that explain incredibly complex topics in very simple words.

It’s easy to spot these gems. They are written to be timeless. They enlighten, they teach, they change your point of view. Sometimes they change the trajectory of your life.

But it's hard to find them. Luckily, I read a lot and occasionally stumble onto these gems. And when I do, I  collect them and add a note to explain why they are worth reading.

When I have enough of them (between 5 and 8), I put together an email and I send it to you, for free. I value quality over quantity, which is why I don’t subscribe to arbitrary schedules. I will only send you an email when I think there is enough value in it (which is *typically* every 6 weeks).

Sign-up. I’ll see you on the other side.

- Manuel