Ciao, I'm Manuel

I'm an Italian entrepreneur, serial maker and full-stack Ruby on Rails developer. I'm currently based in the UK 🇬🇧

During the week I'm building SparkLoop, "the" referral tool for newsletters used by people like James Clear and Tim Ferriss.

In a previous life I had the pleasure of working with great brands like Crukafe and Silicon Drinkabout, be an entrepreneur-in-residence for Google and a UX Design teacher for Startup Institute.

I write a bit workout whenever I can, read a lot, tweet too much and build stuff.

"The" referral tool for newsletter growth.

ReferralHero (Sold)
Genuine word-of-mouth is the best way to grow a business.

Hey Typo Fixer - Browser extension
Automatically rename HEY's "Imbox" to "Inbox".

Loyalty Cards App (Dead)
Store all your loyalty cards in one place, for free.

SmilePostcards (Sold)
Create a personalized postcard in 30 seconds and send it anywhere in the world. (Dead)
Automated job board for tech positions in Bristol.

Whatsapp Share Link Generator (Dead)
Easily generate links to share on Whatsapp.

SurveyVal (Sold)
Battle-tested customer surveys that give you the actionable insights you need to create a better product.

Wedding memories that last forever.

A minimalist, free, anonymous note taking app used by tens of thousands of people.

A Rails 6 boilerplate with Devise, Sidekiq, Sentry, Puma and Memcache, Tailwind and much more.

SaaStore (Dead)
Buy and sell profitable SaaS businesses.

Dolytics (Dead)
A simple analytics dashboard for Todoist to get the bigger picture about your productivity.