Hey Typo Fixer - Browser extension

Automatically rename HEY's "Imbox" to "Inbox". Firefox add-on


SparkLoop is a simple tool that helps you grow your email list organically by incentivising word-of-mouth.

Loyalty Cards App

Store all your loyalty cards in one place, for free.

SmilePostcards (SOLD)

Create a personalized postcard in 30 seconds and send it anywhere in the world.

The largest hub for tech jobs in Bristol.

Whatsapp Share Link Generator

Easily generate links to share on Whatsapp.


Whatsapp-powered exclusive deals about food and kitchen premier brands for one of Italy's biggest food communities.

SurveyVal (SOLD)

Battle-tested customer surveys that give you the actionable insights you need to create a better product.


Wedding memories that last forever.


Minimalist, Free, Anonymous, Do-whatever-you-want Note Taking App.


A Rails 5.2 boilerplate with Devise, Sidekiq, Sentry, Puma and Memcache, Bulma and much more.


Buy and sell profitable SaaS businesses.

The Minimalist Traveler

Premium-quality travel accessories for people who travel light.


A simple analytics dashboard for Todoist to get the bigger picture about your productivity.

Life Calendar

What would you do if you could count the life you have left?

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