I'm Manuel Frigerio, an entrepreneur, serial maker and full-stack Ruby on Rails developer. I'm currently travelling the world as a digital nomad based in Bristol, UK 🇬🇧

I'm the founder of ReferralHero and former co-founder of EventNinja. I've had the pleasure to work with great brands like Crukafe and Silicon Drinkabout, be a mentor for Google and a UX Design teacher for Startup Institute.

I read a lot, travel often (36 countries and counting), write fairly regularly but most importantly I build stuff .
You can see what I'm up to here and public stats about my private life here.

I have a monthly-ish newsletter − 🔥 The Fireside − with my favourite finds about psychology, business, technology (usually 5-8 things) plus any new articles I publish on my blog.

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