Ciao, I'm Manuel 👋

I'm an Italian entrepreneur, serial maker and full-stack Ruby on Rails developer.

I'm currently based in the Somerset, UK 🇬🇧.

During the week I'm building SparkLoop, "the" referral platform for newsletters used by people like James Clear and Tim Ferriss.

The rest of my time is spent being the best husband to my beautiful wife Vicky and the best daddy to our son Leo, our daughter Bea and our dog Luna.

In a previous life I had the pleasure of working with great brands like Crukafe and Silicon Drinkabout, be an entrepreneur-in-residence for Google and a UX Design teacher for Startup Institute.

I write a bit, workout whenever I can, read a lot, tweet too much and build stuff.

You can find me on Twitter, send me an email, book me for an hour to help you build your MVP or I have a standing invitation for virtual coffee.