Blitzed's notes, summary and lessons

By Norman Ohler

Rating: 9/10

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  • The development of modern societies is bound as tightly with the creation and distribution of drugs as the economy is with advances in technology.

    Page: 6
  • World-historical decisions, according to Hitler's inflammatory text Mien Kamf, had to be brought about in states of euphoric enthusiasm or hysteria. So the Nazi Party distinguished itself on the one hand with populist arguments and on the other with torch parades, flag consecrations, rapturous announcements an public speeches aimed at achieving a state of collective ecstasy... The idea was to replace politics with a state of social intoxication.

    Page: 16
  • The utopian ideal of a socially harmonized, conviction-based society, like the one preached by National Socialism, proved to be a delusion in terms of the competition of real economical interests in a modern high-performance society. Methamphetamine bridged the gaps, and the doping mentality spread into every corner of the Reich. Pervitin allowed the individual to function in the dictatorship. National Socialism in pill form.

    Page: 47
  • The deluded totalitarian system that he himself had created did not allow for a sober Führer. Since he was convinced that he alone could realize all the ambitious goals of National Socialism during his own lifetime, and did not trust any potential successor to establish the German World Reich, he could under no circumstances give up.With Morell’s drugs, he could keep going and maintain his tunnel vision. Under no circumstances, did Hitler want to come down from his megalomaniac Führer-trip, in spite of the disastrous military situation. He refused to come to his senses: if so, he would be obliged to notice the vanity, the madness, of the whole enterprise. In complete denial, he couldn’t allow himself to doubt his battle, aged against the whole world, or even lose his taste for the war, which he himself had unleashed and already lost long ago. Remorselessly the needle penetrated his skin, the plunger was pulled back, the stuff shot into the veins and he escaped again into self-delusion.

    Page: 216
  • Drugs were fuel and a stand-in for a lack of commitment: by now he [Hitler] found that his illusions could be bolstered only by narcotics. He travelled from headquarters to headquarters, from bunker to bunker, from disinhibition to disinhibition – unbounded, homeless, always on his way to the next futile military action, the next fix that would let him repress all consequences, while ignoring all possible side-effects. He moved in a permanent fog: a doped-up performance athlete unable to stop – until the inevitable collapse.

    Page: 217
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